1975 Bricklin SV1
(Updated 8-7-10)

Engine: Ford 351 Windsor V8 - Upgrades: Edelbrock 1406 4bbl carb, Offenhauser intake, Accel Wires/Coil
Transmission: Ford FMX 3-speed auto transmission
Color: Safety Orange (Original Acrylic - not painted)
Features: Air Door Conversion
Current Status: Engine runs, window regulators fixed, interior work started! Click here to see what has been completed on the car!
General Bricklin Information: See info below pictures...

Click the images below for a fullsize view:

Bringing home my newest toy.

Front/side view.

Rear view of Bricklin.

Sideview before purchase.

Ford 351 Windsor V8 (before).

Ford 351 Windsor V8 (after).

A hitch on a Bricklin?

Bricklin next to AZ-D sign.

A few facts about the Bricklin:

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