Trailing Arm Bolt

This is the bent trailing arm bolt that came out of the passenger side of my '82 DeLorean. To the best of my knowledge it is the original bolt. As you can see it (like many other DeLorean TA Bolts) had decided it had enough. The original rear suspension design, for which we have Lotus to thank, put a lot of stress on the TA bolts. These bolts kept the rear tires from moving front to back as the suspension arcs up and down. Therefore, when they bend the rear end may now be out of alignment. Of course, if one of these bolts were to break, you may very well lose control of the vehicle. I replaced mine with a set of Toby TAB's. Only 168 sets (originally) were made. The bolts are made out of Inconel (a nickel-based alloy). These are essentially the strongest bolts you can buy for this application.

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