Frequently Asked Questions
(and answers!)


Q. What engine does the DeLorean have?
A. All DeLoreans left the factory with the SAME engine, the Peugeot/Renault/Volvo (PRV) all aluminum 2.85 liter V-6. There were no Ford or AMC V-8's (That was the Bricklin SV-1 Gullwing, made from 1974-76). A twin turbo was planned, but only a few prototypes were made and they still used the SAME 2.85 liter engine.

Q. Were all DeLoreans stainless steel, because I have seen painted ones?
A. YES, all DeLorean left the factory in brushed stainless steel. Some cars were, however, painted by dealers or individuals.

Q. Do the Gullwing doors hit other cars in parking lots?
A. The doors require less than 14" to open. A regular door may need two or three feet to open!

Q. How many DeLoreans were made, and is it true there was a gold plated DeLorean.
A. They didn't keep the greatest records, but it is generally believed that 8,583 were made for the three years total. There are actually three 14kt gold plated DeLoreans. Two were made in 1981 for the American Express catalog, and one in 1983 with left over gold plated panels (the very last car).

Q. Is John DeLorean in Jail?
A. John DeLorean was acquitted of all charges in the mid 1980's. He never went to jail. He did not do drugs, he was charged with funding a drug buy - which apparently was considered entrapment. There are NO drugs hidden in the cars and NO they do NOT suck up the white line as they go down the road.

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