Why so odd?


For some reason Dodge Trucks are not as popular or mainstream as Ford or Chevy. It is for this reason that I like them so much. However, as we all know, parts (and enthusiasm) are harder to come by for Dodges. It's as though the aftermarket decided to completely ignore all aspects of older Dodge Trucks. Sure, you can get all the accessories you could ever want for your 1994 to present Dodge RAM pickup, but who cares!! Yes, they do look pretty damn cool, especially as a one ton 4x4 with a V-10, but I ramble.

I therefore put this website together for two reasons: so that I could no longer say that there were no internet sites for '48-'53 non-Powerwagon Dodge pickups, and simply to showoff our truck and what we have done with it. Think about it, if you really weren't interested you probably wouldn't be reading this.

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