Riding a bit high! The stock Volvo springs just went whewww.

Here's the 4-bolt main Chevy 350 V8 being prepared to go into the Volvo with a Borg Warner T-5 5-speed tranny from a Camaro Z-28. Those exhaust manifolds are 1969 Chevy center dump "Rams Horns". They are highly desireable, and hard to find. The bellhousing and clutch slave cylinder are from a 1987 Corvette. I built the engine with a Schneider racing cam (262/270 duration), .030 over Keith Black Silvo-Lite Flat Top pistons, double roller timing chain, high-volume oil pump, and some other goodies. I had to paint the 350 in Chevy Engine Orange so when the hood is opened there will be no mistake what's underneath. ;-)