Completed Bricklin Projects...under construction (the car, and this page).
(Updated August 7, 2010)

    -Disassembled and block cleaned out
    -Removed and freshened-up cylinder heads
    -All gaskets replaced
    -New steel timing chain/gears (replaced plastic gears)
    -Complete tune-up/custom-made Accel plug wires
    -All new vacuum lines
    -New chrome air cleaner
    -Remounted dual exhaust
    -Installed stainless steel oval exhaust tips

    -New starter relay
    -New ignition battery cable
    -Custom made Accel sparkplug wires
    -New Accel ignition coil
    -Tested Alternator
    -Tested Starter
    -Purchased 100 month battery
    -Cleaned fuse block contacts
Fuel System:
    -New fuel pump
    -Replaced Holley 4bbl carb with Edelbrock 4bbl carb
    -Upgraded to automatic electric choke
    -New (NOS) fuel sending unit
    -Restored and resealed fuel tank
    -Flushed out fuel lines
    -New fuel filter(s)
    -New gas cap

Cooling System:
    -Radiator rodded out and resealed
    -Radiator core support fixed and painted
    -New radiator hoses (upper and lower)
    -New heater hoses
    -New radiator cap
    -New water pump
    -New thermostat
    -New thermostat housing

    -Flushed out cooling lines
    -Replaced filter/screen
    -Changed fluid

    -New front brake pads
    -New rear brake shoes
    -New rear brake hardware kit
    -New rear wheel cylinders
    -Remanufactured front calipers
    -New front rubber brakes hoses
    -Remanufactured master cylinder
    -Flushed out and bled brake lines

    -Replaced gasket and gear oil in differential
    -Checked u-joints
    -Bought used driver's side tie-rod to replace bent tie-rod

    -Installed like-new door panels
    -Installed used door sills
    -Installed like new (refurbished) auto trans shifter bezel
    -Installed good used center console
    -Installed NOS climate control name plate
    -Replaced seat covers
    -Replaced driver side air ram cover
    -Purchased floor mats
    -Purchased used window regulators
    -Welded reinforcement plate to BOTH window regulators
    -Welded u-channel to top of driver's side window regulator

-Headight vacuum system re-routed
    -All headlight vacuum lines replaced
    -Purchased headlight bezels (black plastic)
    -Reattached passenger side upper door skin
    -Reattached driver side door skin
    -Removed pinstripe on body
    -New locking lugnuts
    -New Bricklin wheel center caps
    -New tires
    -Repaired rear hatch lock
    -Replaced broken passenger-side tail light
    -Purchased NOS Safety Orange headlight cover to replace warped cover

Air Door System: (CURRENT PROJECT!)
    -Re-routed air compressor wire
    -Removed underpowered, crappy, leaking, portable, poorly mounted, plastic air compressor!

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