In this side view of the engine you can see the high performance distributor with 50,000 volt coil. Also easily seen is the 16" electric cooling fan which I used for a few months but quickly realized that it did not cool the engine enough in the Arizona heat. I switched over to a 17" stainless steel flex fan with a factory Volvo shroud (as seen on the previous page) and now it runs very cool, even in the summer!! Also seen on the previous page, but not seen here, are the IPD strut tower braces.

You can sort of see in this shot how low the front of the car is. It is estimated that the 350 V8 and 5-speed manual add about 150-200 pounds. With a couple of people in the front seat the weight limit for the front axle is met. It is better when the V6 front springs are used, but in this picture the car still has the stock 4 cylinder springs.